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Push the global offer across drinks in summer

Pack shots of Heineken's global drinks range including a bottle of Old Mout Cider Berries & Cherries Alcohol Free, Birra Moretti Sale di Mare with a glass next to it filled with the beer and a four pack of Cruzcampo cans.
Bring the holidays back home this summer with Heineken UK’s extensive range of global drinks options, spanning from Spain to Down Under.

SUMMER means warm days spent outdoors, cold drinks in hand and, for plenty of those out there, a holiday abroad to enjoy both those things in spades.

Whether a shopper can’t afford a flight out to Europe or wants a taste of what’s to come over a fortnight away, stocking up on some world drinks options can get plenty of consumers in the mood for the summer.

So as consumers seek to bring a bit of the holiday to the home, worldwide drinks options are worth their weight in gold for retailers.

With this in mind, Heineken UK has shouted out its growing global range of drinks, including the Italian beer staple Birra Moretti, the straight from Seville Cruzcampo or more of a sweet taste from Down Under with Old Mout Cider.

Alexander Wilson, category & commercial strategy director at Heineken, said: “As tastes change and evolve, we have noticed more customers, across all demographics, are keen to explore new styles of beer, including a growing interest in world lagers.

“This is where innovation from familiar brands comes into play, as people are gravitating towards NPD from brands they are familiar with – such as Birra Moretti’s new Sale di Mare variant.

“While classic lager remains a core category for retailers to focus on, and drives purchase, introducing new sub-brands into the mix presents a clear trading-up opportunity, especially as we venture into the warmer months.”

And the timing for world drinks couldn’t be more ideal as what beckons is the ‘Summer of Sport’, which will see countries represented on a massive stage thanks to the UEFA Euros, Olympic Games and Wimbledon 2024.

Interest will be high for plenty of shoppers keen on trying a brew from the country they’ve just seen on the television, making this a key opportunity for c-store retailers to take advantage of.

As such, Wilson has recommended retailers to stock up on a range of pack formats across its brands, helping to match whatever the shopper has planned for the evening, with larger packs to meet the match-day demand to a smaller four-pack or single bottles for those elusive – and often unexpected – days of the Scottish sun.

Wilson said: “Having a fully stocked display with a good mix of core brands, such as Heineken and Birra Moretti, immersed with new, trending lines including Foster’s Shandy and Cruzcampo, is the best way retailers can retain loyal customers, alongside attracting new shoppers to explore the beer segment for the first time this summer.

“During major international sporting events, such as the F1, Investec Champions Cup, Women’s UEFA Euro 2024 and Men’s UEFA Euro 2024 championships, retailers can amplify their beer range by offering larger multipacks, in anticipation of people hosting gatherings at home, alongside small packs sited in the fridge for those wanting to grab something convenient to enjoy on the go”