Christian Drouin gets Experimental with Scotland

New Calvados goes hand in hand with Arran

Calvados producer Christian Drouin has helped to keep the spirit of the Auld Alliance alive with its new release in the Experimental series, Arran Angels.

FRENCH Calvados firm Christian Drouin has helped to keep the Auld Alliance alive in the ninth edition of its Experimental Range, Arran Angels.

Taking to the Isle of Arran to build this new expression, Arran Angels is a limited-edition Calvados, a French apple brandy spirit, that has been created alongside the Lochranza Distillery found on Arran.

For the ninth Experimental edition, a 13-year-old Pays d’Auge Calvados – meaning it comes from the Pays d’Auge region of Normandy –  was matured for six months in French oak casks in the Arran distillery.

Arran Angels has been aged for six months in French oak casks.

These casks were originally gifted to the distillery from Drouin as well and have been used in aging whisky at the distillery for over 17 years now. This helps to further build on the link between the brand and the Isle of Arran, according to Christian Drouin.

The Lochranza Distillery is one of the few remaining independent distilleries in Scotland and is also set to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2025.

The new Calvados has been described as having tasting notes of malt, apricot and pear, with a “distinctive aroma” of apples on the nose.

Arran Angels comes in a 700ml bottle at the premium price point of £105 and can be found in via Specialty Brands in the UK.

Guillaume Drouin, third-generation boss at Christian Drouin, said: “It was a pleasant surprise when I asked Euan Mitchell – managing director of Isle of Arran Distillers – if he would like to share some Arran casks with us.

“After a bit of research, Euan told us that some casks from our distillery, which had been used to mature whiskies for over 17 years, had just become available.

“We were delighted to see these casks return to our cellars after their long journey to Scotland.”