BrewDog caters to key big night in occasions

Craft beer brand highlights ways to get impulse sales

BrewDog points to a variety of formats it has for different big night in occasions.
BrewDog points to a variety of formats it has for different big night in occasions.

CRAFT beer brand BrewDog reckons the big night in is more important than ever, claiming that a third of shoppers are now choosing to stay at home to celebrate.

So it provides a significant opportunity for convenience retailers to drive impulse sales as many of these occasions will be impromptu.

Using Kantar research, BrewDog has identified four key occasions that drive Big Night In missions in-store for craft beer and premium lager.

With 63% of consumers viewing a night in as a chance to wind down or spend quality time enjoying a meal as a couple, BrewDog category executive Caitlin Brown said: “This is an opportunity to highlight four-packs along with meal-for-tonight solutions.”

Meanwhile, planned social occasions or barbecues see 39% of those surveyed having bigger, more upbeat get-togethers.

Brown said: “To cater for a bigger group with different tastes, larger multipack formats and BrewDog’s Mixed pack are ideal, maybe linked to sharing-style snacks.”

The party mood occasion sees 36% of consumers putting the emphasis on fun. Brown said: “Where a four-pack is the perfect accompaniment to pre-drinks, larger multipacks and BrewDog’s Mixed pack are again best placed for larger parties at home.”

Finally, 34% of those quizzed simply enjoy a regular, everyday drink at home. Brown said: “This is a key occasion for alcohol-free, where shoppers want to moderate mid-week.”

Tovaritch! vodka aims to win new friends

Tovaritch! vodka is coming to the UK.
Tovaritch! vodka is coming to the UK.

A VODKA brand that is little-known in the UK – Tovaritch! – is gearing up to gain a big slice of the market on these shores.

It has gained 145 industry gongs across the globe and claims to be the world’s most highly awarded vodka.

The name means “friend” in Russian and is said to reflect the recipe’s 200-year heritage.

But TSI SA, the company that owns the brand, has been keen to point out that it switched production to Latvia in February 2022, when Russia began the war against Ukraine.

Tovaritch! now uses only European materials in terms of ingredients, production and packaging, with a new blue and white logo replacing the previous red one to reflect its new identity.

The vodka comes in a 700ml bottle with an ABV of 37.5% and RRP of about £18 to £20. It is described as having “a lovely balance of stone fruit and peppery spice notes that stimulate the senses”.

TSI SA boss Eugenio Litta Modignani said: “As more consumers embrace authentic, traditionally crafted spirits, we are anticipating that UK trade customers will wish to list Tovaritch!.”