Highlighting the influential women in our sector

Inspiring women across the convenience trade come together to celebrate International Women’s Day

Scottish Grocer has recognised the strengths of women across the convenience retail industry as part of International Women’s Day celebrations this year.

COLLECTIVE action sits at the core of what International Women’s Day is all about.

A day to remind ourselves across every sector to come together to highlight the collective and individual strength of the women working in our industry and the importance of equality, no matter what field of work you find yourself in.

While still a traditionally male-dominated field, convenience retail is without a doubt one area where we find some true powerhouses working behind the scenes – or behind a store counter – and it’s only right to take the opportunity to showcase these women.

Amy Knox, sales director at the Scottish Grocer.

Amy Knox, sales director at Scottish Grocer, said: “We have always seen the strength of women working in the convenience channel. They are often at the core of successful c-stores, suppliers, wholesalers and brands.

“Sadly, they don’t always get the recognition they truly deserve and International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to tell their stories.

“We’re proud to be able to highlight their work and achievements within the field, especially at our Scottish Grocer Awards ceremony, where some of those key members of the industry are honoured.”

With this in mind, Scottish Grocer has been talking to some truly influential and inspiring women from across the trade, asking them about their personal and professional experiences of what it means to be a women in their specialist area and how this impacts on the environment around them.

We have brought all these pieces together on the Scottish Grocer website to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, showing that, when it comes to the fight for equality, collective action from everyone is the way to go forward.

Follow the link here to read all about these powerhouses in the industry.