BrewDog launch flies into convenience

Wingman IPA touches down into the impulse channel

Four cans of BrewDog Wingman IPA sit on top of a crate of the beers against a yellow background.
Wingman has landed in the convenience channel as BrewDog expands its presence for the IPA across the off-trade.

BREWDOG has expanded its presence for its Wingman Session IPA as the beer makes its way to the convenience channel.

Aiming to shake up the beer aisle, BrewDog reckons the new launch will help to drive excitement with consumers as well as improve stand-out on shelf for the brand with its eye-catching yellow colour and eagle character.

Taking more inspiration from US craft brands, the Wingman Session IPA looks to recruit more shoppers to the category as well as cater to those looking for a more modern offer from the off-trade.

BrewDog aims for Wingman to be its biggest launch of the year with its introduction into the convenience channel.

Already a success in the grocery channel, BrewDog reckons it can replicate this for the convenience side of retail with Nielsen data showing that the new brew helped to recruitshoppers into the category with 61% of consumers going on to try craft beer for the first time following a purchase of Wingman.

Formats for the launch include single 440ml cans at an RRP of £2.50, four 330ml can multipack at £6.25 RRP and 12 330ml can pack at £16.50 RRP.

Lauren Carrol, chief marketing officer at BrewDog PLC, said: “We’ve recognised a gap in our portfolio, with Session IPA identified as the most valuable draught craft beer in the on-trade and growing.

“With its leading position and the highest purchase intent of other craft beer brands, BrewDog is well placed to challenge the category in the off-trade and drive additional value growth.

“We are placing a significant investment into the launch and anticipate Wingman will become our biggest launch of the year.

“Our shoppers love to experiment and try new styles, and with its great tasting liquid, quirky new packs and stand-out marketing activity we are sure Wingman will quickly become a fan favourite.”