Ways to cater to roll-you-own shoppers

Variety and value is key for accessories boost, says Republic Technologies

Variety is key to driving up sales in tobacco accessories, claims Republic Technologies UK.
Variety is key to driving up sales in tobacco accessories, claims Republic Technologies.

AS consumer demand for factory-made cigarette options continues to dwindle across Scotland, retailers should be ready to take advantage of the roll-your-own sector’s growth.

This should be especially the case for retailers in Scotland, as Circana market data revealed that the tobacco accessories category sat at a worth of £33.2million during the 52 weeks to 6 August in the country.

As such, store owners should be looking across the options in accessories they can stay well-stocked on, with Republic Technologies recommending its own range of crushballs and papers brands.

This includes the Swan range of options, such as its Fresh Burst Crushball, which Circana also claims to be the best-performing menthol capsule filter in the market in supermarkets, high street stores and convenience, to help appeal to roll-your-own smokers looking for a minty option.

There is also the Swan Eco Loose papers that retailers can look to, which Republic Tech said is the most environmentally-friendly paper in the UK market as it is made from unbleached paper and is 100% biodegradable.

In addition to this, Republic Tech has shouted out its OCB brand, including papers and filters, as a suitable offering that can deliver more variety.

Republic Technologies UK sales & marketing director Gavin Anderson.
Republic Technologies sales & marketing director Gavin Anderson.

With a breadth of options in the OCB line alone, these products will help appeal to a range of consumer demands, whether this be for those looking for a more premium touch to their roll-your-own needs or to cater to customers that are more eco-minded.

But, ultimately, the range needs to come at a competitive price-point, says Republic Tech, as more consumers are seeking better value in their shop across the gantry.

Tobacco accessories should provide this in spades, offering strong margins for retailers without breaking the bank for their customers and matching the growing need for variety.

Gavin Anderson, sales & marketing director at Republic Tech, said: “As demand for factory-made cigarettes continues to decrease, tobacco accessories are very well placed to offer consumers a quality, value-for-money alternative.

“Our brands have a proven track record of delivering quality, affordability and, in relation to new products, all-important innovation, and shopper loyalty is high.

“The added bonus for stockists of the most popular brands is that tobacco accessories consumers are creatures of habit, with strong levels of repeat purchase.

“By offering tobacco accessories brands which consumers know and trust, including filters, papers and lighters, retailers can make the most of a category that is performing well in the face of a challenging economic headwind.”

Republic Technologies launches OCB Authentic Real Rice Paper

The new OCB Authentic Rice Paper.
The new OCB Authentic Rice Paper.

TAKING advantage of the recent rise in demand for roll-your-own options, Republic Tech has grown its OCB line with its new OCB Authentic Real Rice Paper.

Offering a new organic and chlorine-free paper, OCB Rice Papers are made from a blend of rice and organic hemp to help deliver a more premium rolling experience, says the company.

The launch comes at a key time for the papers market as well, with Circana data reporting the subcategory grew by 12% and subsequently sat at a worth of almost £72million in the convenience channel in the year to 11 June 2023.

Each pack includes 32 papers and is available in both Slim and Slim & Tips options, with RRPs sitting at £1.10 and £1.73 respectively.

Gavin Anderson, sales & marketing director at Republic Tech, said: “We’re very confident that OCB Rice Papers will appeal to the growing number of roll-your-own consumers now looking more closely at products with natural ingredients.

“OCB always delivers on quality and value, which has led to strong levels of repeat purchase with shoppers.”