Wall’s offers a healthy way

New healthy Flatbreads range average 300 calories each

Pack shots of the new range of Wall's flatbreads (from left to right) Wall's Bombay Potato & Spinach Flatbread, Wall's Pepperoni Pizza Flatbread, Wall's Sweet Chilli Chicken Flatbread.
Compleat reckons the new flatbreads will appeal to health-conscious shoppers with the range averaging about 300 calories per pack.

WALL’S Pastry is branching out to offer consumers a lunchtime option with fewer calories.

The new Wall’s Pastry Flatbreads are all available for purchase now, sitting around 300 calories per pack.

Offering consumers three different flavours with Pepperoni Pizza, Bombay Potato & Spinach and Sweet Chilli Chicken, the new Flatbreads come in at £1.50 each, with both the Bombay Potato & Spinach and Sweet Chilli Chicken variants HFSS-compliant.

The Compleat Food Group, the firm behind Wall’s Pastry, reckons the new offering will provide consumers with a lighter handheld snack option for mealtimes for more health-conscious shoppers, without compromising on taste.

Jason Manley, brand director at The Compleat Food Group, said: “Handheld slices and pastries have traditional favourites covered when it comes to flavours and are great at providing a satisfying, filling lunch or snack on the go.

“This is one of the reasons why our Wall’s sausage rolls are the UK’s no.1 branded sausage roll, alongside its incredible taste and high quality. However, what these products don’t necessarily cater for, is consumers with lighter appetites.

“Wall’s Pastry noticed the demand for a healthier but convenient option in the savoury pastry category, and therefore developed its new Flatbreads range.

“Our Wall’s Flatbreads, that have launched into convenience, come in exciting new flavours including Pepperoni Pizza, Bombay Potato and Sweet Chilli Chicken, and at around 300 calories, have been designed to target consumers with lighter appetites, broadening appeal within chilled savoury pastry and food to go.

“They have also been developed so they can be eaten both hot and cold, satisfying the needs of those wanting to eat on the go, or take home to warm up as
a delicious lunch treat or snack.