Swizzels’ sweet shop for Christmas

Indulge the consumer sweet tooth this season

Pack shots of Swizzels Sweet Shop range including its Swizzels Sweet Shop Advent Calendar and the Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites sharing tub.
Swizzels reckons its Sweet Shop range will be a festive favourite with consumers.

CHRISTMAS is a time when consumers can treat themselves and what better way to do this than with some sugar confectionery?

Despite rising costs pushing budgets to their limits, sweet options will still be seen as an affordable treat during the festive season.

Therefore, shoppers will still be looking to indulge their sweet-tooth urges this year and Swizzels reckons its selection will be a firm favourite during the Christmas season.

Clare Newton, trade marketing manager at Swizzels, said: “The cost-of-living crisis has led to a greater desire for affordable treats than ever before, which brings sugar confectionery to the forefront as one of the most popular categories.”

Accordingly, Swizzels has recommended retailers to stock some Swizzels Sweet Shop options, with both personal and gifting opportunities in mind.

So, Swizzels has urged retailers to keep well-stocked on a range of sugar confectionery options.

In fact, the firm reckons the category could be a festive consumer favourite in the sweets and chocolate aisles.

Circana data for the 52 weeks to May 2023 found that more people were turning to sugar confectionery options over chocolate, with the former outperforming in the market in terms of value sales growing at a rate of 10.5%, with chocolate at a rate of 4.4%.

To help keep the consumer sweet tooth active for weeks this year, Swizzels has launched the latest iteration of its Sweet Shop Advent Calendar to ensure the brand is at the forefront of minds across the Advent season and into Christmas day.

Along with this, the firm has pushed its Sweet Shop Favourites cartons and tubs, which tend to sell very well during the festive season.

Newton said: “Our Sweet Shop Favourites Tubs have been extremely popular among shoppers during the festive period, as they are perfect to share with family, friends and colleagues on an occasion like Christmas and the weeks leading up to it.

“Ensuring that retailers have a sufficient stock of products and creating a buzz around them will enable a large amount of customers to purchase items without leaving retailers with a surplus of stock.”