Sodastream looks to inspire the day

Sodastream aims to encourage productive daydreaming for UK consumers through neuroscience.

A person is designing new artwork on a tablet screen with a Sodastream Art machine on the table next to the person.
Sodastream aims to help consumers daydream more productively with a limited range of exclusive artwork that comes with every purchase of a Sodastream Art.

DAYDREAMING may at first glance look like someone is slacking in their work but in reality, it could be the solution to some problem solving in work.

That’s what SodaStream is currently banking on with its new offer of inspirational artworks whenever someone purchases a SodaStream Art from the firm’s website.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found that the average office worker in the UK, on average, will daydream for 6 hours and 21 minutes per week.

In response to the ONS data, SodaStream has set out to make the most of this after the firm found that seven in ten people will also have a great idea or a breakthrough when daydreaming and over a quarter – 27% – will actually solve a problem, whether that be work related or personal.

SodaStream has worked with leading neuroscientist Dr. Jack Lewis to help better understand the benefits that daydreaming can have in people’s day-to-day life.

Dr. Lewis said: “Daydreaming has gotten itself a bad rap in recent years, but it’s actually associated with greater productivity. Daydreaming is good for us because it encourages divergent thinking, which opens our eyes to more possibilities and expands our imagination.”

To help drive this productive daydream, SodaStream has created a Daydreamers art collection with graphic artist James Daw which includes prints that can be hung in the office or at home with the aim of helping to stimulate day dreaming.

The artworks make use of the ‘magic eye’ effect which sees artwork manipulate a repeating pattern and create a perceived depth, hiding a three-dimensional image within a two-dimensional pattern.

This exclusive art is available from Thursday 31 August for a limited time while stock lasts as part of the firm’s ‘If You Can Dream It, You Can Stream It’ campaign.

Daw worked with Dr. Lewis to produce the new artwork which is hoped to encourage more divergent thinking from those viewing it as well as produce better daydreaming.

Dr. Lewis said: “When the brain’s water levels are even slightly depleted there is a noticeable drop in the speed at which these trillions or electrical brain messages travel, which has a negative impact on all sorts of different cognitive capabilities; attention, memory and problem solving to name but a few.

“But tap water can be boring for many so turning to sparkling water can be a great way to make hydration more exciting. When we get busy at work we forget to keep hydrated and forget to reflect, which is why taking the time to have a productive daydream is so important.”