Red Bull advises spending time and energy on range

It’s worth meeting consumer desires for choice in energy drinks, says Red Bull

Variety in energy goes beyond flavour as Red Bull reckons can size counts, too.
Variety in energy goes beyond flavour as Red Bull reckons can size counts, too.

DESPITE ongoing financial struggles across the board, sports and energy drinks still remains a resilient category for Scotland’s c-stores.

While plenty of consumers have made a switch to own-label products during the last year to save some cash, this hasn’t been the case across the category.

Nielsen Scantrack MAT data for the year to December 2022 found that sports and energy drinks in the Scottish impulse channel had grown in value by 10.7%.

And Red Bull remains bullish about its own performance as the same data reported that the brand had grown by 12.6% during the time period, outperforming the total impulse market in Scotland.

Therefore, to really push the potential for energy during this time, Red Bull reckons that retailers need to prepare to meet all consumer demands.

While flavours can dominate in energy drinks, ensuring shoppers can find exactly what they are looking for will count, too, right down to the size of the drink.

Red Bull said two in three shoppers go into the store knowing which can size they want to buy making each format size – 250ml, 255ml and 473ml – equally important.

A spokesperson for Red Bull said: “Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml is ideal for on-the-go consumption, with 50% of 250ml shoppers drinking the can immediately after purchase.

“However, one in three Red Bull shoppers are likely to consume the larger cans later in the day, with Red Bull Energy Drink 355ml linked to gaming, studying, and socialising, and Red Bull Energy Drink 473ml being the can of choice for all meal occasions, making it ideal for a meal-deal offering.”