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Market research finds the top emotions behind purchasing decisions

Product of the Year 2023 Award which can be found on this year's winners
Product of the Year has unveiled the top reasons why consumers make purchases in stores.

RESEARCH carried out by Product of the Year has unveiled the top emotional motivators for why consumers choose to make a purchase.

In a bid to better understand why customers choose to buy certain products, Product of the Year asked 8,000 consumers what is most important to them when they make a purchase helping to highlight which innovations have currently taken hold of the consumer consciousness.

‘Value’ of products topped the bill as the main motivator, with 55% of those polled stating it was the number one motivator behind their purchasing decisions.

Other high ranking motivators included ‘loyalty’ at 26%; ‘ethical’ at 20%; ‘love’ at 19%; and ‘recommendation & endorsement’ sat at 14%.

Out of those polled, Product of the Year pulled together the total top five emotional motivators for consumers: Value, Comfort, Curiosity, Loyalty and Ethical.

Further to this, the firm’s research highlighted some key innovations and trends across products that have been growing in popularity with consumers as of late with health concerns ranking the highest here.

The winners for Product of the Year 2023

When asked what is most important to them when buying a product, 31% of consumers voted ‘gut health and probiotics’. Perhaps a hangover from the pandemic, health concerns remain a key area for consumers with Product of the Year’s research further illustrating this.

On top of the vote for gut health, consumers also pointed out trends including ‘Plant-based’ (19%), low and no alcohol (15%) and protein alternatives (10%) as being important considerations for them. 8% of respondents also noted an interest in CBD products as well this year which Product of the Year highlighted in its own 2023 awards with three new CBD products picking up the gongs.

Helga Slater, managing director at Product of the Year, said: “Insights like those revealed in our research show how important emotions are to each and every sale.

“Consumers care more than ever about their health, the environment, animal welfare and many other factors, and every year we see brands stepping up to meet those needs in highly innovative and creative ways.”