Red Bull flies ahead with PMPs

Red Bull cans

PRICE and value are the second biggest drivers for consumers behind taste and flavour when selecting an energy drink from the shelf, according to research.

And other data has found that 56% of all impulse shoppers indicated that they would be more likely to buy a PMP.

Such formats provide a sense of reassurance about price and encourage more purchases, said Red Bull, which recommended stocking PMPs across best-sellers at all times, to demonstrate range and offer customers a transparent choice while driving sales and profit.

Red Bull’s portfolio includes a Sugarfree Price Marked Multipack – exclusively available to symbol and independent c-stores.

The brand reckons the no-sugar offering both bolsters the brand’s multipack portfolio and presents an important opportunity to futureproof the range and support retailers navigating any incoming HFSS legislation.

A Red Bull spokesperson said: “This innovation was derived to meet demand for sugar-free soft drink options, with consumers actively seeking a healthier energy boost on the go.”