Celebrate saint with a range of options

Stock up on a selection of the Irish classic in time for the day

Guinness 0.0%
Spoiled for choice: the Guinness brand boasts a varied range of options in stout.

OCCASIONS encourage consumers to pick up on products that fit the day, spelling good news for all Irish products on St Patrick’s Day.

Of course, one of the most well-known Irish brands out there is Guinness stout and the brand isn’t short of options to match consumer tastes.

To capitalise on this, owner Diageo reckons retailers should stock up across the entire Guinness portfolio.

Lauren Priestley, head of category development off-trade at Diageo, said: “To fully capitalise on the opportunities that Guinness presents, we suggest stocking Guinness Draught 500ml, as well as a few options in the wider portfolio to encourage customers to explore the range.

“There are a variety of choices within the Guinness portfolio, such as Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and the more recently launched Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer.

“This can make a beer range exciting for consumers and help to welcome new adult drinkers to enjoy the iconic stout.”

While plenty of consumers certainly won’t need an occasion to stock up on their favourite brew, seasonal opportunities are key for retailers to take advantage of.

And when it comes to stocking up on the right range for the right season, Priestly reckons a recognisable brand that consumers can trust will matter most over the period.

She said: “The key to encouraging sales is to provide customers with affordable yet high-quality drinks options and the beer category lends itself perfectly to this.

“As people tend to gravitate towards brands they know and trust when it comes to purchasing alcohol, we suggest stocking already popular options that consumers can rely on for taste assurances.

“Guinness, for example, is the number one stout brand in Great Britain and the number one stout in the convenience channel, making it a must-stock during seasonal occasions and through 2023.”