Clean the green way

The Cheeky Panda kitchen towel

SUSTAINABLE options remain important considerations for consumers across the board, even when it comes to cleaning the house.

So having more environmentally friendly choices could make the difference between a purchase being made for some shoppers.

For that reason, Alex Winyard, UK FMCG sales manager at The Cheeky Panda Ltd, reckons the firm’s household paper products could be on to a winner in convenience.

Winyard said: “The Cheeky Panda offers a range of household paper products that are made from ultra-sustainable bamboo, which has a lower carbon impact than recycled tree-based paper products. They are FSC and Vegan Society certified and our range of wipes, including antibacterial surface wipes, are cruelty-free certified.”

The Cheeky Panda has a range of household paper items including toilet paper, kitchen roll, tissues and nappies.