Scotland’s Top Brands: 3. Bells

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Bells Food Group rises up one place, remaining Scottish consumers’ first choice for the nation’s pies

SCOTTISH consumers love a good pie, so it is by no means a small feat to be able to consider your brand the upper crust here.

pack of bells scotch piesSecuring the third place in this year’s countdown, Bells Food Group continues to remain Scottish shoppers’ number one choice when it comes to our national savoury pie.

Holding over 60% of the hot pie market in Scotland, according to Bells, it’s clear to see that Bells is the first choice for many consumers across the country, as Gordon Smith, commercial director at Bells Food Group, pointed out.

He said: “We have been part of people’s everyday life in Scotland for over 90 years and it is a privilege to play a meaningful part.

“Grocery retailers across Scotland understand the strong relationship between Bells and our consumers, though the convenience sector has been slower to pick up on this.

“There is a missed opportunity for convenience retailers if they are not stocking Bells.”

A family staple

Rising up one place from last year, Bells reckons its continued popularity with Scottish consumers comes from its heritage and the connection that many families have established with the brand after more than 90 years of baking their range.

Smith said: “In addition to tasting great and being fantastic value for money, Bells has a special relationship with its consumers, which has been built over many decades.

“We trust and respect each other. Most Scottish households through the decades have had Bells as an intrinsic part of their food repertoire.

“Families have grown up eating Bells products. There is a warmth and understanding between Bells and our consumers.

“We know each other and we like each other – and we all like a great-tasting, well-made, quality pie.”

Variety of products for consumers

And whatever pie need Scottish consumers are looking for, Bells reckons it has them more than covered with a range that suits a variety of shopping missions.

For consumers looking for a quick snack or faster solution during mealtimes, Smith shouted about the Bells Bakes range including Steak Bakes, Scotch Bakes, Chicken Bakes and Cheesy Bean Bakes.

a packet of vegan scotch piesAiming to tackle more sit-down mealtimes, Bells also offers its shell pie range, including its definitive Bells Scotch Pie as well as its Steak & Gravy Pie, Chicken Curry Pie, Macaroni Cheese Pie, Steak & Haggis Pie and Vegan Scotch Pie as well.

In addition to this, the brand also offers a variety of larger Steak Pies as well as its new Individual Pies to suit consumers shopping solo.

Not just savoury

And for those with a sweet tooth, Bells Baker Range has a host of treats, with Scottish classics including Madeira Cake, Scottish Fudge Cake and Iced Gingerbread.

With a strong range in tow, Bells remains bullish for the year ahead as the firm aims to increase its presence across Scottish households.

Smith said: “If your store does not currently stock the range, now is the opportunity to do so. Rate of sale is high; consumer demand is increasing as more consumers come into the brand.

“In a time of uncertainty, Bells provides a value for money food solution and the certainty of a known quality food purchase for shoppers.

“Our hope is that more consumers will allow the range of Bells products into their homes and that Bells remains a trusted favourite throughout Scotland.

“We are fortunate to serve such great customers and consumers with our products and we are delighted that they are enjoyed throughout the country.”


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