FDF anger at HFSS curb plan

FDF Scotland Chief executive David Thomson

FDF Scotland bosses have hit out at the Scottish Government’s plan to restrict the promotion of HFSS products.

Holyrood Ministers have said they still intend to introduce a bill curbing such marketing despite lobbying from the federation to pause the proposal.

Chief executive David Thomson said: “It is extremely disappointing. The Scottish Government should not be bringing forward a law that will increase the cost of everyday food and drink at a time when Scottish families are struggling to make ends meet.”

However, Thomson welcomed the fact that Ministers were committed to work with businesses to identify ways to help address the increased costs as part of the Programme for Government 2022-23.

He said: “We are very supportive of a dedicated Food Security Unit being set up within the Scottish Government. This will help build a more resilient Scottish food and drink supply chain. It should be set up immediately.”