A Braw day out for rugby fans

Braw at Murrayfield

EDINBURGH bakery Fleming Howden put the latest promotional tech to the test at the 6 Nations, in a bid to gather valuable data for its Braw snack bar brand.

The marketing team for Braw made use of iWalker technology during the Scotland v England Guiness 6 Nations rugby match at Murrayfield to gather information on key demographics.
iWalker uses facial recognition to gather insights on reactions to promotions seen on the screen based on the person’s age and gender.

The Braw marketing team used the tech to gather data on the kinds of consumers that engaged most with promotional material shown on the screen.

Rob Mullen, head of marketing for Braw, said: “Our afternoon at Murrayfield enabled us to get the brand face to face with over 30% of those who attended, with 5% of those people detected as continually looking at the iWalker’s screen.

“Using technology like this has been a unique experience for Fleming Howard and one which we’d hugely recommend.”

• Braw oat & barley snack bars launched in 2021 in Salted Caramel and Bakewell flavours.