Ferrero focuses on farmers

Ferrero Cacao Charter
Ferrero has made new payment commitments to bolster farmer revenues.

FERRERO has claimed it’s putting the livelihoods of farmers first, through its new Cocoa Charter and Action Plan.

The new farm development plan sees Ferrero commit to paying a cash premium to farmers on top of the commercial price of their product.

Ferrero will also introduce new human rights policies and social practices in a bid to “protect the rights of children” in cocoa growing communities. Other commitments include introducing new agroforesty systems to protect the environment, and greater supply-chain transparency. At present Ferrero’s cocoa supply chain is 96% traceable to farm level.

Marco Gonçalves, chief procurement and hazelnut company officer at Ferrero, said: “We are strengthening our activities to bring about lasting change for the sector.”