Star Tissue shines with NPD

Star Tissue Bliss range
Star Tissue’s Bliss range includes 4-pack PMPs.

THE last year has been a busy one for Star Tissue UK – and not just because of the Covid pandemic.

Star Tissue has been developing its Bliss Toilet Roll range, offering consumers a premium range of two and three-ply quilted tissue packed in four, nine and 18-packs.

Earlier this year, the firm launched its Bliss Essence toilet tissue range, which comprises three variants: Lotus Flower, Rose Petal, and Sapphie Oud. All three aromas are available in a nine-pack, or a price-marked 4-pack.

Star Tissue also has big plans for 2021, with the firm gearing up to launch its new household towel, Kleen-All Ultra, in July. A spokesman for the brand said Star Tissue is “very excited with the potential this could have in the consumer market with first impression being extremely positive.”

“We have carefully manufactured the Kleen-All Ultra household towel using advanced technologies and high virgin pulp content to enable superior performance for any cleaning requirement and with our new Triple Lock Technology the household towel will Lock in Dirt, Germs and Water for longer lasting performance,” he said.