Have your say on food strategy

Shutterstock/ ChameleonsEye – FSS makes policy recommendations aimed at reducing obesity rates

RETAILERS have until 21 December to share their views on Food Standards Scotland’s (FSS) strategy for 2021-26 – which includes making policy proposals to “support consumers in making healthier choices.”

FSS has previously recommended the Scottish Government impose curbs on how retailers sell products deemed to be high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS).

Restrictions proposed by FSS in the past include applying maximum calorie limits in food to go, limited promotions and multibuy deals, as well as enforcing restrictions on where HFSS products can be placed in stores.

Retailers can submit their views via a consultation paper accessible through FSS’s website.

Ross Finnie, chair of FSS, said: “As Scotland’s leading authority on food and feed, our vision is to ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable food landscape that benefits and protects the health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland.

“Our Future Strategy to 2026 needs to outline Food Standards Scotland’s continued role in protecting the food chain and public health, to help Scotland thrive in a changing food landscape. That is why it is important we consult on it to ensure there is an opportunity to contribute to our future direction.

“Reducing food safety risks, and improving the Scottish diet will continue to be priorities for FSS, but it has become increasingly important for our work of the need to take account of the wider political, social and environmental issues that are impacting on our food system.

“The Board will finalise the Strategy in early 2021 after taking account of the responses to the consultation.”