A dram good idea

Moray disctance poster

MORAY Chamber of Commerce has launched an advertising campaign that puts a whisky twist on social distancing.

As part of its ongoing ‘open with confidence’ initiative, the campaign encourages shoppers to keep a distance of two whisky casks between themselves and others.

Created by Speyside-based communications agency Spey, the new posters promote social distancing with an illustration of shoppers standing two casks apart.

Over 500 posters have been printed and Moray Chamber of Commerce said “many more” have been downloaded by Chamber members.

Sarah Medcraf, chief executive of Moray Chamber of Commerce said: “Our team and our remarkable retailers pulled out all the stops to make this campaign work through lockdown and it exceeded all our expectations.

“We originally set a target of 100,000 registrations for our online games across the six-week campaign and we achieved 400,000. We also saw 5,000 links to store locators, which is a strong indicator of new shopper footfall.”

Retailers looking for more information on Moray’s social distancing posters are invited to visit the Moray Chamber of Commerce’s website.