Sharing in the success

McCoys & Hula Hoops

SHARING formats are flying off the shelves in convenience, according to Nielsen figures provided by KP Snacks.

Nielsen Scantrack data from late February revealed that the sharing category is now worth £1.1 billion and is experiencing growth of 6.9%.

To get a bigger slice of that pie, Matt Collins, trading director at KP Snacks, suggested retailers stock up on price-marked sharing packs in a bid to drive impulse sales.

“Price-marked packs have proven to be a successful tool in driving these impulse purchases across the sharing sector as they interrupt and inspire shoppers,” he said.

Collins added that when it comes to sharing snacks, 39% of consumers say they want to “experiment with new and exciting flavours,” highlighting the recently launched McCoy’s Muchos as an example of innovation aimed at this demand.