Dinomite sweets

JELLY Belly Candy Company has launched a special Jurassic World confectionery collection, themed around the Jurassic Word: Fallen Kingdom film which was released in 2018.

The range comprises a Chocolate Dinosaur (milk chocolate with crisped rice moulded into the shape of a Velociraptor) and a Chocolate Dinosaur Egg (solid milk chocolate with crisped rice and a surprise gummi dinosaur hidden inside).

The Chocolate Dinosaur Egg is coated in a thin candy shell speckled to resemble a real dinosaur egg, which should appeal to any Jurassic fans.

Both variants are available in movie-themed packages, with the 15g Chocolate DInosaur shipping in a 24-count case and the 39g Chocolate Dinosaur Egg shipping in a 12-count caddy.