Colourful campaign promotes Africa

ACCOLADE Wines is spending big on its Kumala wine brand, with a marketing investment in excess of £1m set aside to promote the South African export.

Kumala is being supported in the UK through a new campaign entitled ‘Keep it Kolourful’, which gets underway this month and will run through November.

The campaign comprises digital in-store and outdoor advertising and will also feature on packs. The first stage of the campaign sees Accolade highlight Kumala’s South African provenance through a visual campaign featuring the work of artist Maaike Bakker.

Ade McKeon, Accolade Wines general manager for UK and Ireland said: “We’re committed to driving the market for the UK’s number one South African wine brand, championing the great heritage of South African winemaking and bringing it to the attention of loyal and new consumers.”

Kumala brand manager Christopher Buckwell said the campaign focuses on the brand’s core positioning statement “pouring positivity.”