Display a huge deal for BNI


SNACKING in the evening is a ten-figure business in Britain, according to confectionery giant Mondelez, with the firm claiming the occasion is now worth £6.5bn.

The driving force behind those billions of pounds of spending, according to Mondelez, is impulse which means availability and display are crucial for any retailer hoping to get more than their fair share of the evening snacking pie.

Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelez said: “The main confectionery fixture should be really easy to shop, in a high visible location.

“Follow the basics, put best-sellers in best-selling locations, group products by format, ensure shelves are fully stocked, and use manufacturers’ point of sale to highlight products where possible.”

Nash added that retailers would be wise to keep an eye on advertising and media investment from brands, adapting displays in store to capitalise on the greater exposure. The communications manager also invited retailers to take a look at Mondelez’s deliciousdisplay.co.uk for more big night in tips.