Doritos makes it a double

TORTILLA chip brand Doritos is mixing things up with its latest launch, Doritos Collisions, bringing together two flavours in one bag.

Available in two varieties – Guacamole & Habanero Chilli and Honey Glazed Ribs & Lemon Blast- the range is available in £1.99/162g and £1.00/72g packs

The range is being launched in the UK after previous success in the US and Canada.

Support for the launch includes a TV and digital advertising campaign scheduled for later this year.

Ceri Bustin, Doritos marketing assistant, said: “We are continuing to innovate this year with Doritos Collisions, by igniting the taste buds of the nation with a new unique snacking experience, and we can’t wait to see people experience this latest piece of innovation.”