Costcutter eyes a digital future


IT is an exciting time to be working in retail. That’s the view of Costcutter which has been taking steps to beef up its digital credentials.

The symbol group reckons shoppers are now accepting of smartphone technologies and now view cashless society as the norm, which could be good news for c-stores.

Dave Morris, director of IT at Costcutter Supermarkets Group explained:

“We live in a fast-paced world of technology developments and with all the different options now available or upcoming, electronic payments offer retailers one way they can improve the shopping experience and retain and increase footfall.”

According to Morris, the past 12 months have brought significant developments for both retailers and customers, particularly in the increasing availability and use of mobile payment solutions.

And Morris also reckons tech-based loyalty schemes have come into their own over the last year, pointing to a digital future that could give retailers access to vital sales data.

“Some great moves have been made around personalisation and app-based loyalty over the past 12 months, all of which come with valuable insight into customer data.

“The most exciting thing is how this has all come together in a self-perpetuating way.

“The more apps grow, the bigger the data collated and the better the insights. These technologies are helping retailers turn these vital insights into actions that drive better offers, personalisation and footfall.”