Something sweet from the Swiss

Ricola Herbal Caramel

SOME sweet Swiss flavour is what Ricola hoped to offer UK consumers with its latest launch.

Ricola’s new Herbal Caramel is a sugar, lactose and gluten-free herbal sweet that makes use of stevia plant extract as a sweetener.

Rolling out in a click-shut box format, the new sweet is being positioned by Ricola as an ideal on-the-go snack. Ricola Herbal Caramel is priced at £1.35 for a 45g pack.

Rebecca Collison, brand marketing manager for Ricola UK, said: “With consumer demand for indulgent sugar-free confectionery showing strong growth, we’re confident that Herbal Caramel will attract many new customers to Ricola and will be a powerful addition to the sugar-free confectionery category.”