Popping up on shelves

A healthier snacking option

People handing out popcorn 

THE rise of popcorn as a healthy alternative snack option in recent years has been good news for producers and it should also be a boon for retailers in 2018, according to Jimmy’s UK, the firm behind the recently-launched Pure Popcorn brand.

Made from only natural ingredients and with no allergens, making the snacks gluten free, Pure Popcorn boasts a calorie count of fewer than 100 per bag.

Pure Popcorn is available in three flavours: Sublimely Sweet, Slightly Sea Salted, and Subtly Sweet and Salty.

Steve Sneddon, director at Jimmy’s UK, said: “Pure Popcorn uses a natural alternative to sugar – chicory beet root fibre.

“It gives a delicious, subtly sweet flavour that’s completely new to the market, delivering a healthy popcorn with no compromise on taste.

“Other brands claim reduced sugar levels but often the popcorn is softened in the process. Not so with Pure. Chicory gives reduced calories whilst maintaining the crunch.

“And if you don’t like the ‘rubble’ left at the bottom of most other popcorns? Pure has only whole, crunchy corn pops throughout the pack.

“All the ingredients are natural and we’re confident that our messages of a quality, natural, healthy alternative are clearly communicated on front of pack.

“Pure is bringing a step-up in quality to the healthy snacking category. Less than 100 calories per bag, no nasties, less sugar, with no compromise on taste.”