Time to act on impulse?

Report highlights importance of price

Hanging bags of sweets

OF all the considerations for consumers shopping confectionery, price continues to be king, according to new figures released by Shopper Intelligence.

The consumer research firm found that customers continue to rate price as the highest in importance, ahead of quality, stock availability, range, layout and offer.

Shopper Intelligence’s findings come from the firm’s 2016 Shopper Intelligence grocery shopper measurement programme, which monitored shopping habits and shopper preferences across all major supermarkets.

The survey found confectionery ranking highly as a “grab and grow” purchase, with 62% of shoppers viewing the category this way, compared with 20% who rated it as a “browse” category – findings which Shopper Intelligence says means retailers have a small window of opportunity to drive purchase within the category.

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Of customers purchasing confectionery had not planned to do so before visiting the store.

– Shopper Intelligence.


Shopper Intelligence also found impulse continues to be key to confectionery sales with only 53% of surveyed shoppers reporting that they planned to buy confectionery prior to visiting the store, and only 18% of those who planned to purchase confectionery having a specific brand in mind.

Consumption habits for confectionery suggest smaller packs may hold untapped potential, according to Shopper Intelligence, with the firm ranking confectionery seventh in the order of categories where planned consumption is for later ‘out of home’.

With unplanned purchases making up close to half of all confectionery sales, the category was found to be the fifth most impulsive category in stores, with nearly one third of purchases prompted by a promotional trigger, with display accounting for 23% and price and special offers accounting for 14%.

It is also a category that benefits strongly from in-store promotions, displays and price offers.

Chris Adkins, director at Shopper Intelligence, commented on the findings: “The opportunity and growth potential for the confectionery category lies in its expandibility, with 54% of shoppers agreeing they often buy more than they originally planned.

“It is also a category that benefits strongly from in-store promotions, displays and price offers which all act as key drivers to purchase.”