Parents adapt to summer holidays

IGD find shopper habits shifting with the season

FTG becomes increasingly relevant in the summer according to IGD.
FTG becomes increasingly relevant in the summer according to IGD.

SUMMER sunshine has brought shifts in shopping habits, training and research charity IGD has found, as the school holidays mix up routines for parent shoppers.

The latest findings from IGD reveal 60% of shoppers with children change their shopping habits during the summer months.

Data from IGD suggests the summer also introduces an element of flexibility and willingness to try new things, with 34% of shoppers agreeing that they will change their meal plans last minute to hold a barbecue if the weather is good.

And while 31% of shoppers said they spend more on food and groceries for picnics during the summer months than any other time of the year, saving money also becomes a priority for some, with 22% of parent shoppers saying they stock up the freezer to help spread the cost of grocery shopping over the season.

Vanessa Henry, shopper insight manager at IGD, commented on the firm’s findings: “Families’ routines can be disrupted by the school holidays with play dates, sports and other activities, which means shoppers aren’t always as organised as during term time.

“There are also more meals and snacks to cater for as a lot of children will be at home over these weeks – the fridge might need filling up on a more frequent basis with more mouths to feed.

“For the industry, it’s important that retailers and suppliers can respond to the needs of different shoppers over these holidays to make the shopping process easier for busy parents.

“With parents looking to keep children entertained during the holidays, convenient pack formats and on-the-go food and drink solutions are increasingly relevant.”