Branching out

A wide range of pots will get results, firms say

For a few pots more, retailers could ramp up their sales figures, yogurt firms have suggested, as changes in consumer shopping habits create opportunities for convenience.

Stocking a variety of pot sizes can help to siphon sales from the supermarkets.

Graham Burgess of Danone Dairies UK & Ireland said that natural health yogurts and desserts are the biggest segments and growth areas within the category, making them essential items for retailers.
“Also, remember that convenience shoppers can be on different types of missions, from on-the-go snacking to top-up shops for their family,” he said.
“With this in mind, retailers are advised to stock a variety of formats, including big pots, multipacks and singles.”
Azhar Zouq of Lancashire Farm Dairies also reckons retailers would be wise to expand their yogurt offer, and suggested stocking larger formats as a way to siphon sales from the supermarkets.
“Across the retail sector we are seeing grocery shopping in big out-of-town supermarkets declining rapidly in favour of a ‘buy less, more often’ approach which is driving footfall in convenience stores.
“Because of this, rather than being seen as a ‘grab-and-go’ option, convenience stores are expected to stock a broader range of products and formats to meet the needs of consumers at every meal occasion.
“This, in turn has created an opportunity for big pot (450g plus) yogurt sales to capitalise,” he said.
Zouq added that by stocking larger pots, retailers can cross-merchandise with other products to offer customers meal ideas, such as overnight oats – a trend which sees consumers soak oats overnight to create a healthy breakfast with minimal morning fuss.