Developing a healthier culture

Lancashire Farm says it has seen value sales rise by 13.2% as a direct result of consumers changing their habits at breakfast.

BREAKFAST is commonly cited as the most important meal of the day and in recent years, as people have begun to live healthier lifestyles, they have been seeking food to match.
There has been a push from brands and retailers to react to this growing consumer health trend, particularly in the breakfast sector.
And there has been a rise in products that offer consumers high protein and fat contents, with reduced carbohydrates to capitalise on the current range of healthy eating trends.
One product that has grown in popularity off the back of this trend, according to Rochdale-based dairy firm Lancashire Farms, is yogurt.
The company’s managing director, Azhar Zouq, said:  “Breakfast accounts for 30% of total food eaten. Only 22% of all yogurt consumed is eaten at breakfast.
“However this increases significantly to 40% and 37% when looking at big pot and natural yogurt respectively.
“These figures suggest that consumers are now moving away from eating high-sugar products in the morning and turning to products that they can tailor to their personal preferences by adding toppings which are high in protein such as flax seeds or nuts or contain natural sugars such as strawberries and bananas.
“Lancashire Farm has seen value sales rise by 13.2%, directly benefiting from the change in consumers’ breakfast preferences.”
He said he expected the big pot format category will continue to play an important role at breakfast as consumers look to start their days with a healthy meal that they have prepared themselves.
“Yogurts which are low in added sugar, naturally high in protein and are adaptable will continue to grow,” he said.
“Lancashire Farm’s range is ideally placed to respond to these growing trends as consumers continue to seek out products which can help support a healthy and active life.”