Frozen treats are on trend

INTERNATIONAL trends are influencing UK shopping habits according to Premier Foods and it has launched a range of Ambrosia frozen custards to meet one of the latest.

Saying the wrapped handheld ice cream category now accounts for 62% of total value ice cream sales in c-stores, Mars claims the number one and two best selling spots with Mars and Snickers.

Brand director Grace Liljemark said: “Last year, the American trend for frozen custard hit the UK foodservice market. Its growing popularity created the perfect opportunity to launch Ambrosia frozen custard, a new product, from a brand that consumers trust.”
The range consists of Vanilla, Vanilla with Strawberry Marble, Vanilla with Chocolate Swirls and Vanilla with Chunky Fudge varieties.
• Wrapped handheld formats now account for 62% of total value ice cream sales in the convenience sector, says Mars Ice Cream, adding that four-packs account for 17% of sales in c-stores.
 And it says that its own research shows that 58% of  people would consider offering an ice cream bar or
ice cream on a stick as a
dessert choice and that this rises to 73% for those aged 18-34.
Trade communications manager Bep Dhaliwal said: “Ice cream continues to prove its place as a firm favourite for a fantastic night in.
“Mars ice cream bars remain the most popular ice cream bar in the UK and are now worth more than £2.8m in convenience value sales, followed by Snickers ice cream bars.
“These ice cream bars are available in our or six-packs or as singles.”