A ‘Taste of Summer’ in time for Christmas

arbikie-vodkaSCOTTISH farm-to-bottle distiller Arbikie Highland Estate has launched a limited-edition fresh strawberry vodka in time for Christmas.

Distilled using this summer’s fresh strawberries, locally-grown by their family next to the distillery, Arbikie Strawberry Vodka packs a punch at 50% ABV. Moving away from their flagship potato vodka, Arbikie has created a wheat vodka for the their latest expression with a limited number of bottles available.

According to Arbikie, each release has its own unique vintage as no two crops of strawberries are the same. The fresh strawberries change subtly in flavour each year depending on the season’s mix of soft Scottish summer sun and variable east coast weather. Each year’s vintage will have delicate differences making it a truly unique addition to the vodka category.

Arbikie’s distillers, Christian Perez and Kirsty Black, have spent the past year perfecting the Strawberry Vodka to ensure optimum taste, mixability and smell.

Christian commented: “We were keen to create a unique a vodka using only fresh produce with local strawberries. We used wheat grown on the farm to make the vodka that provides distinctive notes of butterscotch and biscuit characteristics. At 50% ABV not only do you get a great base spirit for cocktails but an incredibly smooth and fresh tasting vodka.”

Arbikie global brand ambassador Alex Forsyth commented: “The feedback we received at the world-renowned London Cocktail Week was overwhelming, everyone commented how unique the vodka is. There is this fresh strawberry aroma which lends itself to great martini and champagne cocktails.”

RRP is £45 for 50cl. Suggested serves: a twist on a classic martini with black pepper and fresh mint.