Steady buzz

THE UK’s energy drinks market will grow to be worth £1.72bn by 2020, predicts market analyst Keynote.

In its most recent report on the sub-category, it said that sales had remained seemingly resilient to the concerns regarding sugar, adding: “From 2017 onwards, as a result of rising consumer expenditure, the increased presence of low and no-calorie products, and improved price stability, strong growth is predicted.”

Boost GuangoAccording to Lucozade Ribena Suntory, in the current climate, consumer trends within energy can be split into two main categories: formats and low-sugar variants.

“For the former, 6.2m consumers choose soft drinks in cans over those in bottles each week, preferring both the taste and the can’s ability to keep a drink cool as opposed to PET bottles,” said customer marketing controller Edryd Jones.

“Sugar consumption is an ever-growing concern for shoppers, so the category must reflect that, continuing to find innovative low-cal propositions. This innovation has been ongoing since Lucozade’s launch of Energy Tropical Fusion in 2015. We are confident this will attract new customers to the sport and energy category and in turn, drive energy category penetration, which currently stands at 33%.”

The growing number of consumers looking for lower calorie or even sugar-free options has become a priority for AG Barr, owner of Rockstar.

Head of marketing Adrian Troy said: “Rockstar Pure Zero fulfils both the demand for a low-calorie option and the demand for great-tasting flavoured energy. Available in a 500ml big can format in our popular Fruit Punch flavour, the new variant offers the full Rockstar energy hit with zero sugar.”

Boost Drinks says it is currently enjoying tremendous growth, especially in flavours, which is why it has launched Tropical Guango, a summer drink that combines guava and mango. The limited-edition line is available in 250ml cans price-marked at 49p.