Building the dairy future

Müller Milk and Ingredients says it has exciting plans for the Black and White milk brand.
Müller Milk and Ingredients says it has exciting plans for the Black and White milk brand.

Giant merger will bring benefits of scale and new thinking on every aspect of milk, says Müller

Dan Howell
Müller Milk & Ingredients commercial director Dan Howell: “developing a compelling category vision”.
THIS year is seeing major changes in the UK milk and dairy industry and one has been the development of a massive new milk force formed by the combination of the Müller Wiseman Dairies and Dairy Crest milk operations into Müller Milk & Ingredients.
The new firm reckons it will bring major benefits.
“By lowering our production costs and improving our efficiency we can unlock the potential for higher levels of supply chain innovation and product development,” a spokesperson said.
“In the context of a fresh milk sector which has not to date been able to innovate in comparison to other key categories, this represents a significant opportunity for our customers and consumers.”
And it stresses that it sees major brand building opportunities on brands like Black and White, Freshnlo, Puriti and, newly added to the stable, the flavoured milk Frijj.
Müller Milk & Ingredients commercial director Dan Howell said: “Investment in our capability and developing a compelling vision for the category are critical to our future plans. No business has invested more in fresh milk production and distribution than we have, and we are capable of delivering a bespoke offering locally, regionally and nationally.
“We remain one of the biggest buyers of milk in Scotland and aim to build a vibrant, progressive and sustainable fresh milk and ingredients business which is capable of adding value and innovating within the dairy category, including investing in Scotland to provide customers with Scottish milk produced in Scotland.
“We want to reinvigorate the milk category by developing a compelling category vision that will create value for all.”