Fast-growing firm keeps it local

Provenance key to everything we do says Graham’s

The Graham family at Airthrey Kerse Farm in Bridge of Allan_small

If the last few years have seen significant change in the dairy business across Europe there have also been very significant developments in the milk industry within Scotland itself – not least the rise of Graham’s the Family Dairy, which, by growing its established business and by acquisition and product development, has become one of the most recognisable Scottish brands.

It now has considerable sales of butter, cheese and ice cream and aims also to expand into cottage cheese, quark and sour cream products.

But milk remains key to the growing Graham’s operation.

“Milk has always been at the very heart of the full Graham’s range and it is only the highest quality and freshest milk, packed with calcium and other nutrients, that goes into our award-winning products,” a company spokesperson said.

“Over 6,000 customers buy Graham’s branded milk products – conventional, organic including our Gold Top milk and Light & Low value range – from independent retailers to hotels and restaurants, as well as all the major multiple grocers including Sainsbury’s, Scotmid, Waitrose, Tesco and Asda.

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“Our organic range of milk (skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole), is produced from the milk of cows that graze freely on lush, naturally fertilized pasture certified by the Soil Association. Since launching organic milk in 2005, Graham’s organic portfolio has grown to account for 5.2% of all milk sales by Graham’s The Family Dairy.

“We first started rearing Jersey cows more than 25 years ago as we wanted to offer something different to our customers, with a more luxurious taste. We started with 40 Jersey cows and now have over 300 milking and 300 young stock in our herd, which produce a milk, high in protein and calcium that contribute to the creamy taste of our Gold range.”

The company sees clear provenance of products as more important to consumers than ever. Ensuring and communicating the provenance of its products remains key in everything it does.

“Since setting up in Bridge of Allan in 1939, our family-run, award-winning business has grown through three generations of dairy farmers to become one of Scotland’s greatest food and drink successes,” the spokesperson said.

“Last year we produced a commercial featuring our family, filmed on our farm near Stirling where our Jersey herd live, to help reinforce the message that our products are genuinely locally produced by a family business.”