Value conquers guilt


LOW prices help diminishing snack-related guilt for consumers who buy confectionery on the run according to biscuits, cakes and sweets manufacturer Lees of Scotland.
Sales director Bert Croll said: “The UK has a definite snacking culture as consumers are continually picking up treats they can consume on the move or take with them for later.
“Confectionery sales are continuing to grow, mostly down to consumers viewing confectionery as a one-off purchase that can be bought without that feeling of guilt due to the low cost.”
He said Lees had a good year last year with sales up 20% and attributed that to its products having perceived value for money.
Saying that an increase in socialising at home has led to growth in sales of confectionery for sharing with friends or family, Croll said Lees multipacks are proving very popular.
Retailers should take advantage of impulse buying by prominently displaying treats, he stressed.
“It is important to make sure the products are at eye level to attract the consumer.”