Is summer a time to turn the light on?

WILL the summer be good for a lighter form of energy?

Earlier this year soft drinks firm AG Barr introduced what it sees as an entirely new UK soft drinks category when it launched  Rockstar Energy Waters.

045_Rockstar Energy Water Trade Image Plain Packs

At the launch,  head of marketing Adrian Troy said: “We’ve listened to energy drinks fans and there’s huge demand for a product that delivers a full energy hit, but feels more natural and lighter than traditional energy drinks.”

The Rockstar Energy Waters range is a combination of what Barr sees as two of the fastest growing soft drinks categories – flavoured energy, growing at  9% and flavoured water,— which is growing by 10%.

It comes in two flavours, Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai, and Peach.

Troy said: “Rockstar Energy Waters will bring new consumers into the energy category and the refreshing, lighter nature of the products will open up new consumption occasions such as lunchtimes.

“Both flavours researched extremely well, with 85% of consumers saying they would buy the products.”