Value in the dark

THE arrival of the display ban means consumers may ask for the cheapest tobacco product, not the second cheapest, so it’s imperative for retailers to stock up to suit.

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That’s the view of James Higgs, head of marketing and public affairs at Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK, who recommends products such as the firm’s Break Little Cigars, Salsa Roll Your Own (RYO) tobacco and Moments miniature cigars to retailers who want to offer their customers a cheaper, alternative, value-for-money smoke.

“Consumers may default to well-known brands, value for money, or niche products,” he said. “As a result, retailers need to stock their range accordingly.

“Retailers operating in the dark market need to be extremely well-organised and educate their staff on how and where to stock their products.  It’s also important for them to take the time to talk to customers and explain the situation so they understand and know that they still offer a range of tobacco products, even if it is hidden from sight.”