Porridge goes gluten-free

Delicious Alchemy has launched instant porridge products free from gluten and from dairy produce.

Its new Quick Cook Porridge Sachets and Porridge Oat Pots, available in Classic Original and Golden Syrup flavour, have been designed to provide an easy-to-make, nutritious breakfast for coeliacs, those with dairy intolerances and people following a free-from diet.

031_Delicious Alchemy PorridgeOatsSyrup media

Emma Killilea, founder of Delicious Alchemy, said: “Porridge is an increasingly popular breakfast choice and through listening to our customers, we were able to determine that there was a big demand for on-the-go gluten and dairy-free porridge products. “

RRP is £2.79 for a box of Quick Cook Porridge Oat Sachets. Instant Porridge Oat Pots RRP is £1.49.

• Breakfast company Moma has announced a gluten-free shift across all its porridge products.

Its Porridge Sachets are the first to go gluten-free, with Porridge Pots following in the summer.

Tom Mercer, founder of Moma, said: “As consumer awareness around gluten continues to rise, we want to assure all customers that they don’t have to compromise taste for health with Moma breakfasts.”