Single option for new movie ice cream

ICE CREAM is an important part of the British summer –  a time, said Icefresh Foods brand manager Scott Wilson, that sees a significant boost in sales for the firm’s range of iced desserts.

016_Minion ice cream lollies pack shot-1

“In particular, our character ice cream lollies, which include Peppa Pig, Star Wars, Hello Kitty and Thomas the Tank Engine, often see a spike in sales when we are experiencing a spell of good weather.

“This summer sees the launch of our brand new Despicable Me Minions ice cream lollies. We’re confident this new product will be a hit with kids in summer as the launch coincides with the upcoming Despicable Me prequel Minions, which opens in cinemas in late June.  It will be available in multipacks but also in single-serve.

“This new format allows us to cater for consumers looking for a single ice cream lolly on a warm day, which is a huge area of opportunity for our range of licensed products,” said Wilson.