Be ready to react

RETAILERS should be thinking about their mix of fresh and chilled products ahead of the barbecue season, according to Bestway Batleys.

And it says it is confident that its newly launched range of Best-in fresh meat and vegetables can help its customers increase sales.

015_Best-in May 2015 chicken breast fillets 285g

Symbol director James Hall said: “We know that many weekend barbecues are impromptu affairs with many consumers firing up the barbecue simply because they want to make the most of the good weather.

“These customers will not think twice about going to their local convenience store for beer multipacks and charcoal but have traditionally made an additional visit to a supermarket for their chilled and fresh offer – meat, salad, vegetables and rolls.

“We need to make sure that we make it seem an unnecessary journey for them to visit the multiple by stocking all the essential items in their store to make barbecue a success.”

He said successful retailers are ready to react to opportunities like a sudden demand for barbecue items.

019_Best-in May 2015 PMP beefburgers £2.99

Hall concluded: “Convenience stores have lagged behind in terms of their fresh offer but as a company we are now helping retailers to meet the changing needs of shoppers.

“Chilled and fresh is a major component of a c-store moving forward and I predict that in the next five years, 40% of a convenience store’s sales will come from the chiller.”