Immortal inspiration from the east

Tsingtao BeerANCIENT Chinese folklore is being used to promote Tsingtao Beer in the brand’s eight immortals campaign.
The eight immortals are legendary figures in Chinese mythology. Each has a power that can bestow life or destroy evil.
Halewood International has identified eight modern immortals who it will reveal month by month in a bid, it says, to engage with a young, adventurous audience.
The first to be introduced is Teiguai Li, a compassionate bearded man who walks with the aid of a crutch.
The brand has chosen sites throughout the UK, including one on the Clydeside Expressway in Glasgow, for a series of poster ads. The eight immortals campaign will also feature in the press and across social media.
James Wright, head of spirits and agency brands at Halewood, said: “The eight immortals will attract young, aspirational consumers who are looking to trial different world beers.”