Don’t skip the sweet stuff

SplendaWHEN deciding breakfast lines and ranges, products like cereal, bread  and tea are obvious considerations. But one element, crucial in many households across the country, sugar and sweeteners, can sometimes be forgotten by retailers, according to one of the industry’s biggest marketing agencies.
“It can be easy to overlook basic categories such as breakfast accompaniments and sugars when understanding how to maximise the breakfast offer. But for consumers taking breakfast at home these form a critical part of their daily routine,” said Andrew Freestone, commercial director for SHS Sales and Marketing.
Mintel research suggests over half of UK adults go on a diet in a bid to lose weight at some point during the year and that provides opportunities for sugar alternatives like Splenda, he suggested.
“Splenda is worth over £7m at retail and is clearly recognised by customers looking to incorporate healthier choices into their breakfast selections,” said Freestone.
“Splenda Granular 75g is an ideal pack for retailers to offer to customers taking breakfast at home as it can be used in hot drinks but also as a healthier addition to cereals and porridge, whilst the Splenda Sweet Mini’s 100 provide a handy-sized pack for customers to take into work or on their travels for use throughout the day.
“Retailers can use  Splenda to add incremental value to their daily sales,” he said.