Breakfast pots target ‘nomad’ shoppers

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THE last few years have seen the rise of on-the-go breakfast products as time-pressed  consumers appear to have been seeking early-morning foods to eat  outside of the home.
Nomadic is a new dairy brand launched specifically to target that market with a range of yogurt and oats pots.
“With food on the go it is all about pushing boundaries and creating something new and innovative that will add value to the sector,” argued the company’s co-founder Alan Cunningham.
“With on-the-go products now far more dominant compared to 10 years ago due to our buying habits, breakfast pot sales are more likely than ever before to rise as we enjoy a change to our nomadic lifestyle.”
Nomadic Oat Clusters and Natural Yogurt Pots have a yogurt base topped off with oat clusters and either strawberries, raspberries or chocolate chunks.
Every pot of the on-the-go breakfast product is accompanied by  a spoon and the recommended retail price  is £1.29.