Scents of the season


UNILEVER UK is adding a limited-edition fragrance to its Comfort Creations range – Snowdrops & Winter Berries – aimed at shoppers who want festive scents around the home at Christmas.

Senior brand manager Fernanda Tubini-Roberts said: “25% of consumers say that laundry fragrances are their favourite way to infuse their homes with a festive scent.”
• PERSIL has launched a limited-edition Christmas-inspired ‘Warm Spice’ washing-up liquid fragrance.
The new variant has a scent of ground cinnamon, cloves and citrus.
• P&G brand Febreze is launching a winter collection range with three new lines – apple & spice, winter garden and vanilla latte.
The marketing campaign will carry the strapline ‘Smell the season. Not the odours’.