Returning to the snow

Snowman packs of Irn-Bru are released this month and the Irn-Bru Snowman TV ad begins its 2014 run on 1 December.

THE festive season gives retailers the chance to significantly boost sales of soft drinks, according to Irn-Bru maker AG Barr.

“20% more carbonates are sold in Scotland in the eight weeks leading up to Christmas which represents a significant profit opportunity,” said the firm’s head of marketing Adrian Troy.
“Large pack sizes are particularly important during the festive period to cater for family gatherings and parties.
“In 2013 all AG Barr’s leading brands delivered sales well ahead of the market. Sales of 2-litre Irn-Bru and Barr Family packs were up 27%, with sales of 2-litre Barr Lemonade exceptionally strong, with a 138% uplift.
“Multipack cans are also important pack formats during the festive period, with Irn-Bru and Barr multipack cans showing a 56% seasonal uplift last year.”
The company will back its brands over the festive season with a substantial festive marketing package.
The Irn-Bru Snowman advert will be back on-air from 1 December.
The brand is also running a Christmas on-pack promotion on 100,000 x 330ml IRN-BRU multipacks, as part of its sponsorship of Carnival at the SECC in Glasgow.
And it will have an extensive range of Christmas packs featuring the Snowman, available from this month.
AG Barr says its Barr Family range, which features 14 flavours including cola and lemonade is very popular also at Christmas and is currently growing by 10% year on year as measured by Nielsen.