Don’t think low means no says Eisberg


LOW-ALCOHOL wine has become an established category over the last few years, with a large number of brands fighting for shelf space, said Fran Draper, brand consultant for alcohol-free wine range Eisberg.

But she argues that many retailers initially made a mistake in taking shelf space from alcohol-free wines.
“There are distinctly different consumers for the two categories,” she said.
“Nielsen is showing low-alcohol wine at a slight decline, down 5% in the year to 21 June 2014 whilst alcohol-free wine sales are in growth, up 14%.
“The lower price point and lower calorie content of alcohol-free wines, such as Eisberg’s Rosé, Chardonnay, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon, is attracting a range of consumers, from health conscious dieters, pregnant women, designated drivers and anyone looking for a grown-up alternative to alcohol.
“This opens up the wine aisle to consumers who might previously only have shopped the soft drinks fixture.
“Eisberg has created a range of mocktail recipes with an expert mixologist,” she said.
“Throughout the year, we will also be promoting a variety of food recipes that incorporate Eisberg wines.”